Afzal Khan Lala , who spent most of his time struggling for getting the rights of his nation. The enemies of Pashtun are bent upon to eliminate him physically and create a vacuum in the Pashtun for a leader of the caliber of Khan lala. It is evident to all including international community that Pashtun region is engulfed by the terrorists and their promoters .What is happening to the people of Swat is a tragedy. When Swat has gone out of control and there is no writ of the government and even the elected member of the assemblies have either been killed by the terrorists or they have fled the area, there is one person who is like ‘Last Man Standing.’ One man who hasn’t bowed in front of ignorant Taliban despite of many attempts on his life and property. That brave son of pukhtunkhwa is, ’’AFZAL KHAN LALA’’. Through your newspaper, I salute him for his courage and bravery. I salute to his heroism,he is Pukhtun’s Hero. Mohammad Afzal Khan has chosen a place in history for himself. From the gravity of the situation it seems he is up against insurmountable odds. It is a do or die situation for the veteran nationalist leader. His opposition to the Taliban puts his opponent in unfavorable position. Mohammad Afzal Khan will be remembered as a brave leader of the landed classes and of Pakhtun nationalism. In spite of leaving his people he will prefer to die and only a real man, a brave man can face death without any fear. Afzal Khan Lala is one of those leaders who is willing to risk his life for his people. He is presently resisting the ignorant and thugs TTP (Tehrik Taliban Pakistan) from his village near Matta, Swat. Unlike some other leaders who have decided to take shelter in Islamabad or Norway ,Afzal Khan Lala does not want to abandon his people to the brutality of the TTP. Today People of Swat are suffering under the mediaeval and archaic and cruel “laws” being “administered” by the illiterate and backward Taliban in full sight and hearing o f the “law-enforcement agencies”. Where is Islamabad’s writ??? Why one powerful army can’t control this situation??? Why can’t you shoot or arrest leaders of Taliban who are involve in crimes against humanity? Are they more powerful then Army??? It is a matter of life or death for the country, the way in which the Taliban have been allowed to have their way. I use the term “allowed to” advisedly and purposely. The question to ask, however, is who will hold the security agencies to account for what has been wrought by the Taliban in Swat? Who will hold the intelligence establishment to account for its shameful and massive failure in Swat and also in Fata? Who, indeed, will take stock of the present standards of training of the army which seems helpless against the motley and ragtag Taliban. (A passing thought: if the much-touted and very expensively maintained Pakistan Army cannot handle the Taliban whom they outnumber 1,000 to one how the devil will they face a greater, numerically superior enemy? From all accounts it is not even picketing and patrolling, the two most important military operations that are absolutely essential for Frontier/tribal warfare. What Pakistani Govt doing for all those kids who can’t go to schools any more? Where is the writ of the government? Why is not anything being done is the questions generally raised by people after reading the bloody incidents taking place in Swat on daily basis. While scrutinizing the theory of Taliban aiming at enforcement of Shariah one can see that the brutal acts done by them on daily basis do not justify any context of Islamic preaching. One can find many references and quotations made by the Holy Prophet and Kalifas of Islam that instead condemn these acts. For instance; in a hadith narrated by the Caliph Omar (Bukhari, 4:258): Abu Bakr, the first caliph and friend of the Prophet Mohammad, summarizing the Prophet's message, telling the leaders of his armies, "Do not kill a woman, a child, o r an old man. Do not cut down a blossoming tree, do not destroy a building, and do not kill a sheep or camel, except for the purpose of eating it. Do not submerge or cut down a palm tree. Do not be excessive, and do not be cowardly." What Islam do they want to preach? The people of swat have been in this suffering for almost 18 months now, and they are all alone in their suffering as they have suffered more than the Taliban and the military forces who are supposed to fighting each other. According to local sources, there have been more than 2800 deaths (official sources, always trying to reduce the numbers, put it at 1000), and more than 90% of them innocent civilians. There is no electricity, no water, no gas, no education, no health facilities, not even a good night sleep. There are reports that the people of Swat pray for American drones to come and bombard the bases of Taliban. Today Swat is also waiting for justice that has been denied to many in the pages of history.

In the view of analysts, the growing nightmare in Swat is a capsule of the country's problems: an ineffectual and unresponsive civilian government, coupled with military and security forces that, in the view of furious residents, have willingly allowed the militants to spread terror deep into Pakistan. This bloody movement started with "Maulana radio" and his radio and should end with silencing his 500 KV FM radio! I can't believe that Pakistani Government and its allies in terror can not afford a one Mega Volt radio to silence .Why can't the Government shut down his radio and start information warfare against these ignorant, criminals of pukhtuns, thugs, religious fanatic Taliban.??? How is it possible that a killer uses a tool, the radio, a tool of civilization, for spreading his message of killers around? Obviously technology is then good when the notorious criminals are calling for support of his crimes! For how long that stupidity will be tolerated??? This Taliban "lea der" communicates by radio instead of coming out in the open to do so , but what can one expect from someone who, under all that religious bluster, is probably just some spineless coward who uses religion to deal with his personal issues about the world. Those so called religious Waco’s should read the Qur'an! Their violence and subjugation is so anti-Muslim. How can they not see it! And their misinterpretation of "jihad' is so off the real meaning. These people are nuts.

The crushing, un-Islamic cruelty of this fanatical movement is felt by all, but mostly by the women and girls who are being punished, even killed, for having careers and for desiring to get an education. I remember Swat from the 80s and 90s as a peaceful place, where people were gentle and polite, the environment was pristine, and girls schools were flourishing , female literacy was actually higher than the national average. I cannot believe the brutal crimes that are being committed in this beautiful region in the name of some mis-guided concept of religion. Pakistani citizens everywhere must stand up against this terror and reject this inhumanity. Taliban got to be crushed and there is no other option. Pakistani army and security establishment has failed in making any real progress, despite all claims that army operation has been undertaken to control the situation. What is pakistani army for? Why is it so ineffective? Why cant it control a group of few thousand hardliners and mercenaries who have terrorized the whole region. People are being misled and great efforts are being made in pakistani media to portray all this as the price of supporting the American war on terror. The civilian government, led by nationalist party, in the Frontier province has been made totally ineffective as elected representatives fear for their lives. Who is supporting and financing taliban? Why is no one talking about Saudi connection as huge amount of private saudi money is coming to support the arab millitants operating in the region. Islamic radicalism like Saudi-supported wahaabism and the taliban movement could be strongly denounced by sincere and true and educated Islamic thinkers and theologians. Governing by fear and destruction is a direct path back into the dark ages. What kind of educational back ground do these Taliban "leaders?" have ... 6th grade or less? Too bad they are not required to at least have a bachelor's degree.

ISI brought out this jinnee from the bottle. World and Pakistan government should ask ISI to go to Swat and face this terrible music. Pretty faces of women activists appearing on Paki TV to " defend" their rights, have a lot to defend, before Taliban reaches their cozy homes in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Pak armed forces keep warning India about giving befitting reply in case of a conflict ,they too should feel ashamed that they are unable to rein in these mercenaries.

Anyone who thinks that Govt should talk to Taliban is either living in fools paradise or hiding their heads in sand, how can we reason with individuals who throw acid on young girls for attending school? This is humanity at its worst and it is an ideology that must be exposed for what it is. It must become socially and morally unacceptable in their own culture and that can only be achieved through education and example. For every school you burn, we will build two more. Enemies of education and Pukhtun’s are targeting schools. They started out with girls schools. Now it is indiscriminate and boys schools are being destroyed too. Swat was a state found in early 20th century on modern principles. The only way to defend against the menace of ignorance is education to innocent minds. Can we stop destruction of existing beacons of light. This systemic and well planned brutality will have a huge price for humanity. There are no more schools in Charmang, a rural village of mud-brick homes and lush wheat fields nestled in the mountains of Bajaur, a tribal territory, along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The Taliban are in control now, dreams of pukhtun kids are shattered by ignorant Taliban.

Some interesting questions remain though, who is paying the mercenary Taliban foot soldiers? Where are night goggles and FM transmitters coming from? Who is paying the suicide bomber's families? I suggest the Pakistani Government and Swat residents do the following:
1-Since almost everyone have guns in their home, they should accompany their daughters/sisters to schools....2000-4000 Taliban can not fight every one.
2-Start effective propaganda and information warfare separating Taliban from being the custodian of Islam. Their name should be "anti-Islam" not Taliban(which literally means students!)
3-shut down their radio!
4-The houses of suicide bombers be demolished and family watched for receiving compensation money
5-Put the soldiers on the ground rather than tucked in insulated areas. Stop using long range ineffective artillery indiscriminately.
6-Increase the ratio of soldiers to Taliban to 10:1, provide them with modern spying gears/equipment.
7-Make s pecial courts for trying these bastards and legislate the sentence as hanging for documented Taliban combatants.
8-No one should impose their will on Swatis ...if any opinion polls/referendum.

I find it highly distressing that this erstwhile idyllic, peaceful and picturesque Swat valley is now hounded by these ignorant religious zealots. A corrupt and inept political system has given rise to illiteracy and lack of economic opportunity. Combine that with the puritanical form of Islam imported from Saudi Arabia during the anti-Communist Jihad in the 80s .Taliban is an evil which must be destroyed. These Talibans are product of thousands of madarsas set up throughout Pakistan by ISI and its military initially to fight USSR in Afghanistan with the help of CIA ,West and Saudi Arabia.

At the advent of 21st century intellectuals the world over predicted that the new millennium will usher in peace, human rights and dignity of man. Mankind will show tolerance, endurance and maturity. The man of this planet who has conquered space will be a messenger of peace to other planets. But unfortunately this century began with such chaos, wars, religious and sectarian extremism, violence, brutality, suicide bombing, and destruction that it rather disgraced humanity. There seems no end to this phony, aimless reign of terrorism. Economy is shattered in Pakistan and particularly in Pakhtunkhawa. The Gateway towards central Asia for international trade is closed. The worsening law and order situations and fragile economy have led to capital flight. Investors in Hayatabad “Industrial state” are compelled to shift their business from Peshawar.

Taliban have no right to force their views on people who disagree with them . Swat, a city of breathtaking natural beauty turned into a nightmare by those who use the name of Islam but all their actions are against Islam. Taliban have no right to deny girls education, Taliban are not only denying pukhtun girls education but they are destroying whole generation of pukhtuns by denying education and destroying their schools.

The Pukhtun belt stretching from Kandahar to Swat is burning, roads, bridges, schools, houses are blown , people get beheaded on mere suspicion. Hundreds of people are kidnapped every day for ransom or as part of campaign to eliminate the elements who oppose the thugs. Is it Islam? Pukhtuns are caught in the middle in a fight which serves OTHERS strategic interests. Normal day to day living has become a painful experience leave alone Education, economic,social, cultural activities. In such a situation we Pukhtun are in a state of shocksimply flabbergasted. Our minds have turned blank as if we all have collectively suffered a concussion injuries to our head. Our eyes are wide open but see nothing. It is for the Muslims to raise against these psychopaths ignorant Taliban. What are the oil-rich countries doing? If the Muslim world will not raise against this evil, their future generations would look back in d isgust and shame for what their fathers and grandfathers did or did not do.. (like Germans reckoning with their Nazi past!). It's really up to them. I think the Swat residents would welcome foreign help in removing the Taliban, if the Pakistani government would be courageous enough to invite them or afraid to use iron hand against them. People in Pakistan should realize that the Taliban are as much a foreign power as western nations are. The Taliban are not about religion, but only about gaining power to abuse people. We need brave leaders like AFZAL KHAN LALA, who can look into eyes of these monsters and not afraid of them, what a great man of principles, I salute his moral values and courage.