Hypocrites of Pakistani religious parties had a protest against military operation in Swat, its really amazing that leadership of these so called religious parties never made any statement what Taliban did and doing to the nation, country as well as innocent people, where were their protest rallies when cruel , criminals ,thug Taliban were beheading innocent people, hanging dead bodies to trees and poles? While Pakistan Army is locked with Taliban in fierce battle in the Malakand Agency, especially in the Swat region, some of the hypocrites like Imran Khan and religious parties have started raising hell just to demoralize the nation and to show their inner filth and to just blackmail the government to get more attention and the perks and privileges. Qazi Hussain Ahmad, the ex-chief of Jamat-e-Islami has announced a 3-day sit-in in the Melody chowk Islamabad against the military operation in Swat. Where was this idiot and his clowns, when there was no military operation and government was trying to appease the Taliban by dialogues, deals and accords? Not even once Qazi or his idiots went to Swat or talked with the Sufi Muhammad or Fazlullah. They remained silent. Now just to record their attention they are raising hell. This is the time when they should be helping the IDPs and not creating fissures and fuss. But they have always disappointed the nation. Does our religion propagate this type of politics?. No, never…. These religious leaders actions have nothing to do with religion. This is sheer hypocrisy. These people are using religion and their religious attire to fool the masses who are illiterate, religious minded and tend to fall prey to any religious gimmick. We must not allow these people to take control of our lives and affairs of our country. We need a totally different band of able political leaders who are sincere, honest, dedicated and work with a vision. We must look around, pick such people and encourage them to come forward. We must get rid of these stale feudal and moulvis who only play dirty politics for their interest.
Why did not J.I. leadership go to Swat and talk to those ignorant mullahs sufi and company, why J.I. did not say anything when Taliban were destroying schools and harassing girls if they were going to schools. Why did not they protest when Taliban were killing innocent people, sending suicide bombers across the country, destroying music centers and internet café, what Taliban are doing that was encouraged during MMA Govt in pukhtunkhwa, nation should realize that J.I. is supporting Taliban. IMRAN KHAN and J.I leadership is deaf, dumb and blind, IMRAN KHAN has forgotten when he used to party and clubbing in Europe , he forgets about his play boy past but now he talks about Islam and supports Taliban. Jamaat-e-Islami’s Munawar Hasan is criticizing those politicians who are supporting military operation but why did not QAZI HUSSAIN or he himself go to Taliban and ask them to stop there barbarian activities and stop killing innocent people. Extremism is death of Sanity and a tricky shrewd extremist in high place has potential to ruins the nation. Unfortunately in Pakistani Political chess Board still some religious extremists command the events. These are the people who exploit the conflict and benefits from every side. Lets not forget that Mollana Fazlurehman who is Leader of Pakistan's Jamaat e Ulema Islam or JUI is a person who benefits from every situation and every government.  JI also opposed the creation of Pakistan. It supported Gul Badin Hikmatyar during so called Afghan Jihad. Its leader ship is vocal critic of Army operations against extremists and spreading bitter propaganda against Army and forces fighting Taliban menace. Fazlur Rehman is  "ideological mentor" of the Taliban .

JI also opposed the creation of Pakistan. It takes its ideology from Wahabi school of thought and has deep connections with international Islamist Parties like Akhwan ul Muslimeen of Egypt. It supported Gul Badin Hikmatyar during Afghan Jihad. Its leader ship is vocal critic of Army operations against extremists and spreading bitter propaganda against Army and forces fighting Taliban menace. Leaders of these religious parties supported every military dictator in Pakistan. Gen Zia and the so called Afghan war in 1980 played an important role in the growth of religious parties. Several new parties were formed.
One more Political party who is trying to exploit the situation is PML N . Its leadership is trying to gather the sympathies of religious pressure groups by opposing operation on one hand and on other giving one or two statements in favor of Army operations to remain in good books of Americans. One important leader of PML N even created a drama in a program in Geo TV by shedding tears and appealing government to stop Military operation In swat.
These thugs, barbarians, criminals, ignorant Taliban are involve in crimes against humanity and they must be punished, hang their dead bodies to tress and poles, cut their dead bodies in pieces as they did to many, burn them alive. Pak Army and Pak Govt has full support of educated civil society and the gains in Swat will be useless if we don’t act against the real bases of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the tribal areas, especially Waziristan. Better suffer some casualties now, and suffer collateral damage, then see the whole country become Taliban’s play ground. This is the only chance to defeat militants once in for all.. I wish wars could be fought on papers where their would be no civilian casualties.. we should support our army, put all the political difference behind and for once think about Pakistan and its future . The issue at present is that Taliban; have gained extreme strength that they are placing a stiff resistance to our infantry. The question that comes to mind is that who is supplying them with arms and ammunition. Being the case the Talibans are in collaboration with our enemy with malicious intents on Pakistan. They must be dealt with an iron fist and be immediately be eliminated from within.
I support the Pakistan army and hope for their imminent success. Taliban will and must be defeated at any and every cost.
Its time that people of Pakistan be mentally prepared without doubt to fight Taliban menace. Pakistani majority takes their religious ideology from Sufi saints. These Taliban and sympathizers , who are out come of US and western war against Soviets in Afghanistan are not more then 2 to 4 percent of Pakistani Population. This beheading, flogging is not part of Pakistani culture and Islamic ideology. The best strategy to neutralize Taliban is to neutralize their political support. Government should force JI, JUI and PML N and IMRAN KHAN type political groups to act in loyalty to state or ban them. Its only way we can let the unknown heroes of our security forces who sacrificed for Pakistan and world peace to rest in peace.
SALUTE TO Martyrs Of Rah-E-Rast ,and all those Police officials who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan.