‘’Pekhawar kho Pekhawar de kana‘’

Pekhawar kho Pekhawar de kana ,my favorite song while driving on New York streets but now I have stopped listening to this song, because that Peshawar, where I grew up, where I learned everything, where I had my school, college and university days, that feeling been jinxed in some way ,Peshawar, where I used to enjoy evenings with my friends after college hours, where we used to drink tea and gossip for hours is becoming ghost town as I hear and read about this city, now Peshawar is a place where people are afraid to come out, is now city of fear, where residents, confining to their homes because bunch of criminals took their right to enjoy their time , Grief, fear and terror is now name of Peshawar, when I was growing up, I used to hear about bomb blasts and killings in Beirut, sri lanka etc , now when ever I read and watch news, I see people in my home town getting killed by bombs, today it has become a routine matter in my city which was once famous for the peace and tranquility it had, because of these criminals who are wearing masks of religion ,because of these thugs , people have lost the spirit to enjoy and laugh and even work. The citizens of Peshawar are going through a torrid time.
I ask people of this great city to stand united and be strong to face the menace of terrorism. Peshawar, the  city of flowers will not face this darkness forever. It is time we recognize that what we are experiencing today is also a war, its our war, for our survival. We can hope and pray that its impact would not be as destructive as it was during the world wars or as in recent times in Afghanistan. But, let us not have any doubt; it is going to be a long haul. Our cities and towns and people will pay a price. But, we shall overcome.  While the state has a lot of work to do, the people also have to play an important part. It is not possible that foreign elements and hundreds of tons of explosives are smuggled into an urban centre and no one sees anything or that outsiders are not noticed. It is, but either because of laziness or fear nothing is done. This will have to change. Everything out of the ordinary must be reported. Spirit and morale has also to be kept high in times of adversity. The collaborators would continue to undermine it by calling this America's war. They would also praise the piety and the simplicity of these throat-cutters. And they would attack the political leadership viciously because they dare not attack the army. These people have to be isolated from the national discourse. They confuse and obfuscate and in practice, if not deliberately, aid the enemy. They have their democratic rights and no one is advocating taking them away but their voices should be marginalized even more than they already are. 
Whenever I visit Peshawar, the first thing I do go to a KEBAB place and order kebabs there, I hope when I return next time, I expect people as happy as they were when I was there last time, my heart goes for all those innocent people who are facing this terror by their own people, by the agents of other powers, for making little bit money, they are killing their own people and giving it name of Islam, shame on them, such people who are involved in this barbarian act deserve no mercy. Also shame on those politicians who were forcing Govt to make deals with criminals and killers, shame on Gen. Musharaff who did not take action against these murderers. Shame on those religious parties who when had power, were busy removing billboards with women pictures and encouraged those ignorant Taliban to grow stronger. the six-party religious alliance that ruled over the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) for five years is responsible for all this mess, today their leaders are saying if military stops operation, they will go and talk to Taliban, why did not they do this before military operation, Fazal Rehman, Qazi Hussain, be a man and go to FATA and Swat and tell those lunatics to stop their murder campaign. This disaster could be avoided if Musharaff regime had taken strong action against those who were challenging state writ. Why no one did anything when these thugs were destroying girls schools, bombing music centers and inter net café, No one cared when pukhtuns dead bodies were hanging to poles and trees, no one said anything when Taliban were beheading innocent puktuns. What happen to QAZI HUSSIAN and IMRAN KHAN’s long marches, why don’t they do their so called long march against bombings and killings??? when the Taliban throws acid in the faces of young women, gasses them and bombs their schools there is an eerie silence. There seems to be just more than a small amount of hypocrisy in this regard, doesn't there? But that is what, after all, we have come to expect from these people. Hypocrites all. Can Imran Khan,Qazi, Fazal Rehaman
Organize million man march to support a Swati girl’s right to education and walk all the way up to Mingora from Islamabad? These maniacs are doing what they are doing because they have been given a free hand to do as they please. This is what happens when our leaders make peace deals with barbarians who killed hundreds of people in cold blood and blew up hundreds of schools in Swat. No questions asked, no one convicted. Can the Shrif borthers/ Qazis/Imran Khans for once condemn these elements categorically and forcefully and by name that is the Taliban/ the lashker jhagwi/ the jesh muhammad? If only Sharif could put his weight against these elements . Why I don’t hear that Taliban notorious leaders are being killed or arrested? Why sufi was released? Why LAL MSJID mullah is free and not facing criminal charges??? But these hypocrite leaders will not do anything, This is the time for people to stand up and shout against Taliban in hordes and rallies and scream for their eradication. Look at the lashker in buneer, after the bomb blast in the mosque, they gathered up and attacked Taliban . Pakistan is at war! The Pakistani people should not just sit around and expect the army and police to solve this problem. People need to stand up and be counted. This is yet another reminder for the people of Pakistan in general and the Ulema in particular to make it abundantly clear that where their sympathies lie. A major section of organized religious setup (Ahle-hadith, Deobandi etc) has been bent in accusing our military and the government for all sort of things, yet they do not find the courage to challenge their fellow ‘believers’ for their atrocities. Our media will need to scrutinize the funding of these jehadi establishment more, especially within the country where prominent traders collect money for these people in different guise.
Dr. Naeemi’s murder is also a signal for the society that we must not look other way when challenge knocks at our door steps. We must not allow these people to roam freely among our midst, just because they wears their religion on sleeves. The early we challenge, the better it is, this is not the time to bash leaders of Pakistan in Govt. It is time for Pakistanis to be united, stand behind their civil and military leaders to eliminate the enemies of Pakistan and save Pakistan. When your enemy attacks you and your family with guns and rockets, what choice do you have? Open dialogue with the enemy or kill the enemy? Pakistan army is doing super job. They have no choice but what they are doing to save you and your future generation from ruthless murderers. Those opportunist politicians who are opposing this military operations are also enemies of Pakistan. Security officials have confirmed that the Taliban thugs in Swat are being funded in large part by several foreign charity groups. At a recent NATO meeting, Richard Holbrooke expressed similar concerns about the funds being provided to the taliban by private individuals and groups in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. He estimated that such funding rivals if not exceeds the $200-$300M drug money raised annually by the Taliban.
The media has an obligation to pinpoint these foreign charities and their nefarious anti-Pakistan agenda. Clearly, an organized foreign-based extremist network is providing institutionalized funding, expertise and manpower to the taliban thugs.
Our security agencies must take all necessary measures to hunt down traitors colluding with these charities and shut down their local operations. Importantly, the government must take up this serious matter with the relevant foreign leaders, asking them to do more to prevent such extremist elements from supporting the taliban fascists in our midst.

., ‘Ma darta tol umar da guloono khar wayalay day.... Kala mi perzo shey pa bamoono Pekhawara’ (I have always called you the city of flowers, how can I see you being bombed now).