THE REASON FOR THIS TOTAL LAWLESSNESS AND TERROR IN TRIBAL AREAS OF NWFP IS,BECAUSE NONE OF PAKISTANO GOVTS DONE ANYTHING POSITIVE FOR THE DEVELOPEMENT OF THOSE AREAS,IF BETTER EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM WAS IMPOSED IN THOSE TRIBAL AREAS LONG TIME AGO,WE WOULD SEE TALENT OF TRIBAL AREAS,BUT BECAUSE PAK-GOVT,PEOPLE OF THESE TRIBAL AREAS ARE BEING BRAIN WASHED BY RELIGIOUS FANATICS TODAY.I THINK ITS TIME NOW TO CLEAN THESE AREAS FROM FOREIGN TERROITS AND INTRODUCE EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES IN THSES AREAS.Islam is a great religion of love,peace and tolerance,but unfortunately our Muslim brothers have lost sense of tolerance,without understanding global political situation,Muslims are getting involve in things which does not show any tolerance,the tragedy is in our tribal areas,innocent minds of our tribal areas been brain washed first by ISI,WEST and others during soviet invasion of Afghanistan,thses tribals were told that Islam is in danger,when RED ARMY invaded Afghanistan,after soviets left Afghanistan,so called former Mujahdeens occupied tribe areas for their political gains and still using Tribal land against another super power,Pahtoons are the ones who suffered mentally and physically by adventures of soviets,West AND osama.

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