Benazir: The legend
M Waqar USA
I was shocked, disheartened and saddened by awful news of Benazir Bhutto’s murder and with her of many others. Benazir wanted freedom for her country and democracy, freedom to choose the leader of Jinnah’ s Pakistan. Democracy is the important part of freedom and letting the people to choose their leader, whom they want to represent them. Ms Bhutto’s murder shows that she was close to cutting the ties that the terrorist held against nation wanting democracy and freedom of its people. The murder of this great lady shows how coward these terrorists really are. They run and hide like dogs with their tails between their legs. Hide in rat holes and hide their faces, In the name of Allah terrorists do terrible things that Allah is actually against. The Quran is the word of the Lord of the Worlds, which Allah revealed to His Messenger Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), to bring mankind forth from darkness into light.” I think Ms Bhutto was doing that herself, bringing people out of the darkness into the light of a free world where basic needs should be met, plenty of food, warm shelter and clean water to drink. She was an extraordinary lady. We need to salute the extraordinary courage, determination and fortitude exhibited by Benazir Bhutto in the face of overwhelming odds. Human beings of lesser endowments would have long since taken to safer avenues. She faced all the tribulations following her father’s hanging with determination, and had only Pakistan’s interest on her mind. Benazir Bhutto’s tragic assassination has brutally highlighted the growing influence of inhuman terrorists in Pakistan. Let us be clear that these extremists are a clear and present danger to not just Pakistan, but the whole world. These cowards will be judged not just in the afterlife, but also in this world. While Ms Bhutto will live on in the hearts and minds of millions, these terrorists will be cursed forever. Her death is a sad indicator of how dangerous it has become in this country to be a liberal and a moderate. Religious extremism that leads to such blatant violence. She was killed by fierce, brutal, cruel ,ignorant person. These barbaric practices of Al-qaeda are unacceptable in civilized world. She was a brave woman, who did not hide in rat holes like Osama, mullah omar and his cronies, she had courage and like her father was not afraid of death. Benazir Bhutto was a sign of hope not only for the country but also for the women who saw in her a saviour. If we look at paki history, non of paki leaders enjoyed respect, the ones who were real, sincere, people of principles. There are stories about the death of Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, Z A Bhutto and now his daughter, Benazir murdered in cold blood, her entire family wiped out by two generals. The story of Bhutto family can be compared to Kennedys of America and Gandhis of India. Its a conspiracy against Bhutto family. Benazir was champion of progressive politics. None of paki politicians can match her and Z A Bhutto charisma, talent and quality of leadership. Taliban, the Al Qaeda and other extremist groups have achieved their target to Talibanise Pakistan by killing Benazir. Today in Pakistan, educated, moderate class is ignoring this danger, leaders of progressive parties are just watching events unfolding from their drawing rooms, they even don’t have courage to say something, they are afraid of death, the Death Benazir welcomed. She was a legend. She could stay in London, New York and Dubai, she gained more respect and honour on foreign soils, she was not a fashion show model, movie star, singer but was a woman, who cared about her country, who knew the miseries of her people, she knew people in her country have no rights, education, freedom. She was invited to deliver lectures in USA and Europe, was not that an honour for Pakistan? During my 21 year stay in USA ,I never seen anyone so disgusted and sad about the murder of Benazir. New York is a place where you can meet anyone from any part of the world, from asia to Africa to Europe, its amazing that people in USA were glued to tv news and watching coverage of this horrible crime committed by Musharraf security agencies through talibans and al-qeada. If anyone finds out, you are from Pakistan, there first question is why this happened? why they killed Benazir? Does women have no rights in Pakistan? is it OK to kill women in Pakistan? that’s what Islam teach? She was killed because muslims don’t like women in power? These are the questions Pakistanis are trying to answer all over the world in free societies. Does anyone not believe that Musharraf’s security forces are secretly supporting al-Qaeda in Pakistan? Does anyone not believe that Musharraf wanted Bhutto dead, and saw her as a threat to his own dictatorship? Bhutto symbolizes the freedom that every woman in the Islamic World strives to achieve, a freedom from male dominated Talibanistic tyrants like Musharraf who is trying to play both sides of the fence to preserve his own dictatorship. It's a coward and a barbarian who stalks and kills someone who thinks differently. It is not a brave martyr, but a coward. Musharraf did not conduct investigations of last attempt on her life in Karachi. Benazir openly said that Ch. Wajahat Hussain and Ch. Pervez Elhi and intelligence agency were behind her assassination attempt. Musharraf refused to accept her demand of bringing investigators from US. Musharraf knows killers, Ijazul-Haq and his Al-qeada buddies are mastermind of this murder. International news agencies are reporting that SSG Commandos killed PPP Chief Benazir Bhutto, What was the crime of Bhutto family??? Z A BHUTTO’s crime was to make Pakistan a nuclear power, to unite muslim world, what was the crime of Benazir ??? The attack at Rawalpindi bore the hallmarks of a sophisticated military operation. Al-qeada is a ‘’B ’’ team of Musharraf, he can’t be trusted, that’s the reason I wrote an article published in Frontier Post earlier this year (Deal or No Deal), I knew Benazir was trapped by generals. This general is taking billions of dollars from USA and is also negotiating and shaking hands with Taliban. Who knows if Osama and his cronies are hiding somewhere. Lets look at this murder from another point of view, as we know Mush-regime is getting billions of dollars from USA to fight against Al-qeada, we know where that money is going and this regime was afraid of that if Benazir gets power she might disclose to the world how Mush and his cronies used that money, to hide Mush regime crimes and Choudries of Punjab’s corruption. Benazir Bhutto was fearful for her life that she tried to hire British and American security experts to protect her, according to The Sunday Telegraph. But the plans collapsed because Musharraf refused to allow the foreign contractors to operate in Pakistan, when there are terrorist threats, security paraphernalia prevents leaders from mixing with their followers. Pakistani authorities have pressured the medical personnel who tried to save Benazir Bhutto's life to remain silent about what happened in her final hour and have removed records of her treatment from the facility, so this clearly shows that Mush is involved in her murder, doctors who were at Bhutto's side at Rawalpindi General Hospital said they were under extreme pressure not to share details about the nature of the injuries that the opposition leader suffered in an attack here Dec. 27. Pindi is a city that serves as headquarters of the Pakistani military and if citizens and important public figures can be killed in that sensitive city then what that tells u???? Only a professional person can murder someone like this, trained by military. The truth is, Mush regime is not doing any investigation as it did not when she was attacked in October. Ms Bhutto was a brave leader who gave priority to meeting people at the cost of security risks, and paid a heavy price for this.
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Dated: January 02 , 2008 Wednesday 22 Zil Hajj 1428 A.H

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