Democracy is the best revenge
M Waqar USA
First of all I congratulate all democratic and liberal forces, who were united and voted against the arrogant and illegal regime of Musharraf. It is a great day of joy and relief, Democracy is the best revenge,” the well-said quote of Benazir Bhutto has been reinforced today. In her death, Benazir wreaked even greater havoc on Musharraf and company. On Monday, from her grave, she beat all the cronies and flunkies of Musharraf into oblivion. Her murder and the vow by the PPP to take revenge through democracy, have now been fulfilled. Today the so called champions of democracy and Islam, shoe- lickers of military dictator like, Pervaiz Elahi, Sheikh Rashid, Ejaz-ul-Haq, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain are hiding themselves behind the curtains of power as they have been known to do in when faced with true democracy. MQM, PML(Q), MMA has damaged Pakistan integrity by supporting Musharraf's undemocratic actions. Chaudhry Shujjat is such a cunning person that for winning election he was trying to get Lal Masjid imam Aziz out of prison, these Chaudhries of Punjab have very rude awakening now and I hope they realize that its not worthy to be a puppet of a military dictator. This election has also been a denunciation of agency-sponsored politics. The nation faces innumerable problems and the road ahead is not easy but Pakistan's journey forward would become much easier if Mr. Musharraf sees the writing on the wall and leaves. He must do the decent thing and quit. A silent revolution of the silent majority has struck Pakistan and the otherwise voiceless people have said a big but decisive “No” to the political parties loyal to Musharraf. To be frank, Musharraf has lost, who took power and claimed that he is a liberal, secular and loves ATTA_TURK, he took billions of dollars from USA but also supported militants or did not do anything against those in his Govt and military who were supporters of ignorant Taliban and other militants. I think Musharraf was a double agent, working with the US in the search for Bin Laden and working with Al Qaeda to keep Bin Laden and his company safe. I am sure that Mush knows who killed Benazir, who are responsible for suicide attacks, who is killing innocent Pukhtoons, it seems like his agencies are responsible for suicide attacks, if there were any real groups involve in these crimes against humanity then it would happen during elections too. Musharraf has brought the country to complete destruction and dismemberment. He has destroyed all democratic institutions, he shredded the constitution of the country with power grabbing amendments. he is following the policies of terrorists MQM. It is still time for Mr Musharraf to apologize to Mr. Justice Bhagwan Das and Mr Justice Iftikhar Chowdhry. Musharraf is a cunning untrusty individual who has no moral values and he has later declared martial law on Nov 3, 2007 in order to remove not only the supreme court chief justice but 3 other chief justices including 60 superior court judges. Musharraf needs to step down. He's lost the political capital to be effective. The Pakistani nation today proved to the world that they are a self-decisive and independent nation, they are liberals, they are not pro-talibans. Once Musharraf had said "Last blow will be mine" but he was wrong. The last blow he got today, and this blow was from people power, the power of people can’t be crushed by any strong Army, all those who won this election must prove their credibility. They should reject General culture, extremism, corruption, nepotism, VIP culture and all evils, which the whole nation is dressed in. They should show positive attitude to each other and should prove to the world that they are sensible and serious nation and they deserve to be democratic nation because nation has reached to this success after a very long struggle. Our politicians should not waste this opportunity again, if they loose this opportunity then remember people have other ways to take revenge and that revenge will be revolution and firing squads for failed politicians. Two important things education and getting rid of corruption must be on top of their agenda. Its time to educate people, The trusts and confidence reposed in the politicians by the people now demand from them to behave and behave democratically, move sensibly, focus on the issues positively, shun from politics of revenge and muster all of their efforts for rallying round all segments of the society and taking them together for the resolutions of the burning issues on top priority. I hope politicians like Nawaz and Zardari learned their lessons and they will not repeat the mistakes of past, true essence of democracy is the independence of judiciary, the legislative branch and the executive branch. Army should never be allowed to meddle in civilian affairs. I wonder which general will stage Pakistan's next coup... Democratic elections come and go but Pakistani generals are always ready to remove inconvenient civilians who have the temerity to think they are in charge, so winner of this election must get their acts together and work for the interests of country, keep in mind, Pakistan’s two neighbors China and India will be super powers by the year 2050, its up to people and politicians what they want to do, make Pakistan a super power or make it a country like Somalia or Kenya or break it in pieces. I salute to the people of great pukhtoonistan, who totally rejected militants, extremists and those mullahs who always support military dictators. I congratulate ANP and agree with the statement of its leader Asfandyar, that the Pashtuns, by electing the ANP, had given a clear message to the establishment and world powers that they were not extremists. “We will also try to give an impression that no one is slave or master but all four provinces are like four brothers in this country, I hope ANP make Pukhtoonistan the most educated, rich and advance place for whole world. Those who are involve in suicide attacks are not pushdowns but are agents of puktoon’s enemies. Media also played important role against the illegal policies of dictator Mush and his cronies. Frontier Post also kept its tradition of challenging dictators and printed news, articles and letters and kept readers well informed. I hope media will continue its positive coverage and new Govt in Islamabad should also remember that its 2008, now there are more media tools then just one govt run TV channel. If the elected politicians follow the path of corruption and arrogance they will never survive more than six month in power, the people are watching you closely if you stray you will be in dumps soon. If Nawaz Sharif and Zadari successfully form a coalition, then Pakistan will, at long last, have turned there corner and embarked on a new era, only if they are sincere this time and National Assembly will not become subzi mundi. Benazir Bhutto had sacrificed her life for paving way for democracy in Pakistan. This golden opportunity should not be wasted by the new leadership who should steer Pakistan from existing troubles and create friendly atmosphere with all countries and not waste money in fighting. The funds can be better utilized for the welfare of poor Pakistanis. All the best for the people of pakistan who had courageously voted in this election. These political parties also needs to have democratic elections within their own ranks and get rid of family owned political parties. Quote: ‘’Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. H L Mencken

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