Promotion of extremism in pashtunkhwa !!!!!!!!!!

After the allied forces came in Afghanistan in oct:2001, Pakistan had to save the minimum investment in the form of Taliban and Al-Qaeda . It is worth mentioning that Pakistan will be only 5% sincere in elimination of the Al-Qaeda operatives while on Taliban she will never compromise as it is believed that they are the own children of Pakistan .For Pashtun Nation both are same as Pashtun need peace and development in the region while the presence of these forces have multiplied their problems and have created trouble for the Pashtun, these views were expressed by a tribal chief on the condition of not disclosing his name. The safe havens were provided to Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives in the mountains adjacent to the south and east of the Afghanistan near Durand line. Most of them were provided safe shelters in the seminaries and mosques in settled areas of the NWFP (Lower Pashtunkhwa) by the ISI, and bureaucracy including Political Agents of the tribal Agencies across Durand line without the consent of the tribal Pashtun as these areas have been ruling by the bureaucracy sitting in Islamabad for the last 60 years without doing any developmental work for the welfare of the tribal Pashtun. The Tableeghi Jumat, a religious organization struggling hard to make the people orthodox religious, having their center in Lahore , Pakistan have a special attention on the Pashtun to bring them to Lahore and train them for 4 months or 120 days is also believed to have played a role in sheltering the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in their center Lahore to get Pashtun forget their Nationalism. Initially Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives were advised by the Pakistani intelligence sleuths not to take steps against the American and allied forces stationed in Afghanistan. But they kept continued their skirmishes in Afghanistan across Durand line,attacked and backed to their safe abodes with the collaboration of the intelligence agencies without the permission of the tribal people as tribal Pashtun have no say and no role in the drama staged in FATA against Pashtun and Afghanistan. When Pakistani high-ups sensed that Americans engaged in Iraq, then they geared up their friends Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives to initiate their anti Afghanistan activities and damage all what were constructed in the last few years, particularly the schools where Pashtun children were studying the science, opined a tribal political activist .It is also pertinent to mention that the anti Pashtun and anti Afghanistan forces do not like to see Pashtun children having books in their hands. The antagonistic negative forces understand it well that one who reads book can not be misguided easily and their ulterior motives can not be materialized. There are credible and reliable information that the Pakistani ISI started assistance to the Taliban with weapons and pelf. They started their activities in Waziristan on a low scale, and beat the weak people like dressers ,bombed music centers and punished some low profile wicked in the area to get the support of the local people. They then started beheading some people to spread terror among the inhabitants. After getting more and more stronger by the help of the Pakistani intelligence Agency (ISI) and alleged drug mafia, they initiated the steps to tease the locals on the basis of such heinous crimes like kidnapping the affluent people, killing and assassinating the political and influential tribal Pashtun, secular, democratic and progressive nationalist to wipe them off and create a vacuum for them. People are just slaves and hostages and leading a life on the mercy of the miscreants. It is also worth mentioning that common tribal have no role in this game engineered by the ISI of Pakistan with the collaboration of some religious influential people, these views were expressed by a victim of terrorism. May be some Norco-businessmen will be having the hands but majority of the tribesmen are having no role in it. Political administration and establishment are be fooling the international community by telling them pack of lies that tribal territory is very dangerous and no one except Pakistani forces will have courage to fight against the extremists there. This is a mountainous area and fighting is very difficult thing here, such lies are told by the establishment to the international community and is trying to deceive them about the real situations in FATA. In tribal region which comprises 7 Agencies and six FRs(Frontier Regions ) even a leaf can not shake without the permission of the Political Agent and Pakistani Government. How can extremists operatives and other Taliban will do their activities without their assistance ?.When Taliban and Al-Qaeda activities increased the pressure on Pakistan built up. Now Pakistani ruling junta has to do something against theirown extremist forces. First they tell them that operation will be started on such and such day. There fore they should move to safer places. Then operation starts by the military while few Taliban retaliate. According to credible information and eye witnesses military men strike the places where there is no Talib or extremist. The real places are not hit. Only the miseries and troubles of the innocent Pashtuns increase. Schools are closed, hospitals are non functional, business activities come to stand still, and people are forced to move to safer places for shelter and security reasons. People are terrified and their children and women have nothing except weeping, mourning and wailing. Men are arrested on the charges of helping terrorists and extremists, which is wrong. Terrorists, extremists, militants and military men all come out of the same basket in Pakistan .Islamic insurgents are trained in different places in Pakistan. There are camps where these people are trained, and then these insurgents are brought to tribal territory and are moved onward to Afghanistan to fight against allied and Afghan forces. Their main objective is to get allied forces teased to flee from Afghanistan and they themselves move to Kabul and seize it, from where they will spread terrorism in different parts of the world. Previously Talibanization was in tribal areas, but with the passage of the time, this spread to the settled districts of the lower Pashtunkhwa. The objective of the Pakistani establishment is to spread the religious Taliban to more and more areas of the Pashtunkhwa, this side of the Durand line, so that to create more and more tumultuous situations and to engage her Army in a friendly fight. In this way several aims could be achieved. One is to get assistance from the American and international community for the military, and second is to add to problems of the allied forces in Afghanistan. The entire FATA and settled areas of the Pashtunkhwa have been handed over to extremist out-fits and Jihadi organizations where Pakistani establishment needs to eliminate progressive nationalist, secular and democratic political people and Pashtun tribal Chiefs who are avers to the extremism and want peace to prevail in region. The Government thinks that her objectives could be obtained only through the religious out-fits .That’s why in this way the above mentioned positive people are discouraged by promoting insurgents and militants by the establishment of Pakistan. In such uncertain and anarchic situations the extremist and negative anti Pashtun forces could get safer places to hide themselves. In election 2002 , the ISI of Pakistan created an atmosphere and forced people particularly Pashtun to get MMA voted to power. MMA was especially formed by the secret agencies over nights. This was an alliance of the religious Political parties to misguide the simple Pashtun on the name of the religion and exploit the situations. This alliance was needed to Pakistani ISI to win in two provinces namely NWFP (Pashtunkhwa) and Balochistan because both the provinces were adjacent to Durand line. In Khyber Agency a bus conductor Mangal Bagh was created by the intelligence Agencies and imposed on the tribal Pashtun of the Khyber Agency who has the power to decide the future of the Pashtun tribes there .He does what he wants as he is the sole authority in Khyber Agency and the state representative, Political Agent has no role to play in the presence of Mangal Bagh. The inhabitants of the Khyber Agency FATA have been taken as hostages and they are fed up of what is going on there on their soil. Now the said cleric is running a parallel Govt. in Khyber Agency. Before this man who has no knowledge of the religion, there were two religious mullahs(Clerics) namely mufti shakir and pir. People were engaged in fighting through these mullas. When the situations got seriously disturbed and pressure built up on Pakistan to solve the problem, she apparently forced both mullas to leave the Agency. Both disappeared for some time and later on one was seen shaking hand with Ijazul Haq ,a former religious federal minister in the cabinet of Shoukat Aziz under the president Musharraf and the son of a late military dictator General Zial Haq. The other came to lime light at a time when he started his preach in Jana Kor a tribal strip of FR Peshawar situated in the south of the metropolitan Peshawar. Besides, there are other extremist clerics too in Khyber Agency like Namdar, Pir Noorul Haq and other Tableeghees. The Khyber Agency is completely at the mercy of the extremists who have made the life of common people like hell. In Mahmand Agency, an other area of the FATA which was a peaceful territory, extremist forces were encouraged there after the Govt. bombarded Masjid Hafza in Islamabad last year. In Bajor, Maulana Liaqat and Maulana Faqir Muhammad were made to lead the people there breaking the Pashtun code. In Swat an other Molana with the name of Fazlullah suddenly appeared on the scene after he spent four months in tableeghee jumat in lahore a city of Pakistan in Punjab province which is known for the conspiracies against Pashtun Nation and Afghanistan alike. Before his new appointment he was just a driver of the Chair(This chair is used in the area where there is no bridge on the river swat for the passengers to be crossed over the river). According to information of the local people loaded trucks of the weapons were seen to provide weapons to molana and his friends. After some time his disciples started beheading the innocent people of Swat international pressure developed on the govt. once again to redress the problem of terrorism concerning Swat valley the rulers were compelled to engage in a friendly fight with extremist forces. Now it is claimed that extremists were pushed away to either mountains or some safer areas. But it is pertinent to mention that problem once again was not solved and left incomplete .The situations are uncertain and people look at security agencies with suspicion. Darra Adam Khel an other strip of the FATA on main high way near Kohat , a southern settled district of NWFP(Pashtunkhwa) was handed over to the extremist forces for the sole aim of looting and hitting the supply of the American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. When the people of the said tribal area were fed up with the activities of the Taliban and more than three army vehicles loaded with weapons were confiscated, the govt .took steps to force the Taliban to apparently flee from the area at least for some time. But it is very interesting and ironic for the Pashtun Nation that military personnel were not striking the places where extremist forces were hidden, according to some reports gathered from the locals. This again was a friendly fire between two same forces in which almost all the extremist forces were safe and sound and were not harmed. Pashtun and their home Pashtunkhwa is burning in the fire which Pashtun have not lit. There are reports that the Americans have announced to spend 750 million $ on the development of FATA, but it is feared that Pakistani establishment in Islamabad are not sincere with Pashtun as they never like to see the child of Pashtun having book in his hand. Pashtun want prosperity and peace in their region and want development and happiness in their home Pashtunkhwa and Afghanistan. This is only possible with Pashtun National Unity.
Written by
Zar Ali Khan Musazai
Pashtun Democratic Council

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