M Waqar
Another shameful day for Pukhtuns.Bad news that the government has given in to demands of the scoundrels in Swat...they say that Nizam i adl is to be imposed in Malakand/Swat now...thus giving in to the mullahs by the authorities...a black day, sad and shameful...how could you let murderors and criminals to have their way like this...instead of crushing them like pests and vermin that they are, they're being rewarded by giving in to their medieval, absurd, and contorted demands. Way to go! Be that as it may, looks like this cancer will spread and spread until it will eventually remove the smug smirks from the faces of johnies who call themselves arjuns, jaypees, ajeyas, nkgs and stuff...and all their baniya's hard painstaking work that they have done for themselves in business finagling would eventually come down to aught.So called leaders of pukhtuns and Pakistani regime surrendered to thugs and criminal and killers of Pukhtuns. This is indeed a shameful day, when the elected representatives of the swati people were ignored and the state put under the tender mercies of the scoundrels who wear the mask of "islam" and "sharia" to hide their power-grab.Will these mullahs and ignorant Taliban leaders will be punished for killing so many people?, destroying busnises, destroying schools,will they be punished for using bombs and suicide bombers for imposing their views on majority?
Pakistani elite,bourgeious and corrupt politicians,one more time pushed Pukhtuns in backwardness.

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